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Below Please Find The Course Offerings Of offers Certificates of Completion for our online, interactive Roman Catholic Faith formation courses. These are not books but online-based courses that combine prayer, Scripture, catechism, activities, and more in a unique way for all ages and levels. Our Course Calculator is designed to help you to determine the Policy Requirements for these Certificates. Certificates will not be issued unless the specific Course Requirements have been met as specified in this Course Calculator for your area of study. Please use our Course Calculator by clicking here to determine the courses of study needed to earn your certificate.

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RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

Adult RCIA
Adult Faith Formation Level II
Adult Faith Formation Level III
Young Adult RCIA

Individual Adult Course Offerings

A Step Towards Heaven: An Introduction To Religion
Old Testament
New Testament
The Theology Of The Seven Sacraments
The 12 Articles of the Creed
The 10 Commandments of God
The Theology Of The Roman Catholic Mass and Liturgy
Mariology: The Study Of The Blessed Virgin Mary
Understanding The Precepts Of The Church
Understanding Catholic Prayer And Spirituality
Finding Happiness An Introduction To Morality
Eschatology: The Catholic Study Of The Four Last Things
The Councils Of The Catholic Church: Nicea To Now
Catholic Apologetics 101
Marriage Preparation
Book Summaries
Dignity Of Human Life

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Adult Liturgical Year Lessons

The Complete Catholic Liturgical Year Program
Season After Pentecost
The Saints
Lives Of The 12 Apostles

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Sacramental Preparation Courses

Baptism Preparation
First Confession Capstone 'Adult Edition'
First Confession Capstone 'Youth Edition'
First Communion Capstone 'Adult Edition'
First Communion Capstone 'Youth Edition'
Confirmation 'Adult Edition'
Confirmation 'Youth Edition'
Quincenera Preparation Program
Sacrament Preparation 360

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Home School Course Offerings

Homeschool Level 1
Homeschool Level 2
Homeschool Level 3

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High School Course Offerings

Grade 9 Semester 1
Grade 9 Semester 2
Grade 10 Semester 1
Grade 10 Semester 2
Grade 11 Semester 1
Grade 11 Semester 2
Grade 12 Semester 1
Grade 12 Semester 2

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Children's Course Offerings -- Grade Based

Religion For Kindergarten
Religion First Grade
Religion Second Grade
Religion Third Grade
Religion Fourth Grade
Religion Fifth Grade
Religion Sixth Grade
Religion Seventh Grade
Religion Eighth Grade

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Children's Course Offerings -- Topic Based

God's Scholars: The Apostles Creed
God's Scholars: The Church and The 7 Sacraments
God's Scholars: The Commandments Of God and The Church
God's Scholars: The Mass And The Sacraments
God's Scholars: The Holy Scriptures
God's Scholars: The Pursuit Of Morality

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