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Online Catholic Homeschool Program

Home-School Program

As a homeschooling parent, you have options in your children's education. Look no further than, the producer of a first-of-its-kind online Catholic homeschooling curriculum. Founded in 2004, has been leading the way in online Catholic Faith Formation for homeschoolers.

Program Hallmarks:

  • • Simple & Affordable Pricing Structure
  • • Flexible & Easy to Use Programs
  • • Traditional & Faithful Curriculum
  • • Developed by Priests and Moms Working Hand in Hand

All Lessons Included:

  • • Readings with commentary and explanations from authoritative Catholic sources.
  • • Relevant Scripture Passages and Catechism Passages in each lesson.
  • • The Scripture passages and the Catechism references are synthesized into a form that consistently makes the link between the two.
  • • Information on the lives and spirituality of the saints as they pertain to the lesson and the Liturgical Calendar.
  • • Practice of essential Catholic Prayers in both English and Latin along with audio pronunciation included.
  • • Links to various legitimate and age-appropriate Catholic websites that reinforce the lesson and provide additional readings to help your children explore the Faith.
  • • Activities that reinforce the lesson (e.g. living out the works of mercy, participation in the parish life and community, fun and engaging projects, interactive online activities in conjunction with
  • • Devotional and pious prayers to say as a conclusion to the lesson.

We handle the planning, the material gathering, and much of the teaching. You have no more need for expensive book purchases and the evaluating and grading. All of our interactive lessons contain a quiz that is automatically graded. All you have to do is login and you're ready to go!

We do not require expensive textbook purchases! Our children's programs have all the relevant text included in the lesson.

Interested in Learning More or Signing Up?

Explore our grade programs on our Courses Page by clicking here. Preview the lessons and see the content. Each grade program is only around $25 per year per child.

Homeschooling Discounts:

Interested in saving money? Homeschoolers may purchase four grades at a single time and save 20% total. Lock in the savings now and use the grades for the next few years with your child. Programs do not expire. Use them now or in the future.