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Online Godparent Classes



GodParent Class - Baptism

What are Godparent Classes? Why are they needed?

Catholics, like everyone else, are busier than ever before. And for new parents and new godparents-to-be, there is often surprise that they need to take a class prior to the Baptism. What is a baptism preparation class? What is a godparent class? Is this the same as a baptism seminar that is also very common in other countries?

Are there online Godparent Classes?

The Church rightfully understands that godparents and parents take upon themselves a very serious responsibility before God when a child is baptized. Both the parents and the godparents have a responsibility to ensure that the baby is raised in the Catholic Faith and taught to love virtue, frequent the Sacraments, and serve God. Being a godparent is a great responsibility but it is also a great obligation at the same time.

Who Wrote the Godparent Class?

Thankfully, with the advent of the internet, there are virtual baptism preparation classes now., founded in 2004 by Fr. James Zatalava, publishes a bestselling and one-of-a-kind online Baptism Preparation Course. This course is ideal for those who are studying to prepare for their child's baptism or to be godparents. No longer is there a need to attend a class together at a baptism that is to take place far away only to have to return in a few weeks for the actual baptism. Upon successful completion of the Baptism Preparation Program, you have the ability to request a Certificate of Completion easily at the end of the online class for you to bring the parish priest.

Is the Godparent Class available in Paperback?

This course is written by Fr. James Zatalava and offered for a nominal price through Over 5,000 users have already successfully completed this course. The recommended time to take this course is 1 - 2 hours, and the course is conveniently available online 24/7. This is a self-guided course so there is no instructor and therefore no schedule. Study at the time that works best for you! The program's cost includes all materials for the course as well as the preparation of the certificate of completion.

For those who are interested in the content of the course to use in an actual parish class instead of online, Fr. Zatalava's course is available as a paperback book entitled, "Baptized In Christ: A Catholic Study of the Sacrament of Baptism for Godparents & Parents."