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Enriching 7 Step Curriculum Format

Catholic Curriculum


Seven Step Format For True Catechesis

1. Introduction: Includes the historical background on the topic as well as a clear, concise description of the material to be covered.

2. Opening Prayer: All we do should begin and end in prayer. In the case of these lessons, the prayers are often related directly to the material being studied.

3. Scripture: Our faith is deeply rooted in the Word of God.

4. Church Documents & Catechism References: Various Catholic Catechisms as the writings of the Popes and the saints, give clear instruction and inform us on the Sacred Tradition of the Holy Catholic Faith.

5. Integration: We reflect and integrate Scripture and Tradition by explaining the topic at hand in a way that deepens the understanding of topic beyond what most other programs offer.

6. Activity: An age appropriate activity is included that ranges from coloring or word searches (for younger children) to learning prayers, living out the Faith in a community, or practicing the spiritual or corporal works of mercy (for older children and adults). The Faith must be lived our in practice and we give concrete ideas to do so.

7. Closing Prayer: We begin and end in prayer and make the entire teaching a form of prayer! As Christ Himself taught us, "Pray without ceasing.".

Quiz: All lessons end in a short online quiz. Student results are graded and stored by