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Catholic Book Summaries Reading Program

Catholic Book Summaries


The Catholic Book Summaries Program includes 50+ summaries of Catholic books all organized in a concise, clear, and complete manner.

With so many books for Catholics to read and understand, Catholic Book Summaries is an attempt to synthesize some of the most well-known traditional and contemporary classics for today's Catholics. Meant for Catholics of all ages, this collection of online summaries is your guide to understanding dozens of books in a fraction of the time required to read them all.

Book summaries should not be confused with book reviews.'s book summaries are concise but thorough summaries (in the range of 8-15 pages) that present you with all the main points, highlights and arguments from a Catholic book.

Summaries are available in PDF download in English for offline access and printing.

This is an entire library of "must read" Catholic books condensed into one program. To view our book summaries currently available, please click here.

These summaries of the most important Catholic thinkers of all time are not just quick facts. They distill the wisdom of our great Catholic thinkers such as Cardinal Newman, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, Scott Hahn, GK Chesterton, St. Augustine, and so many more.

We also have published all of our summaries in one massive paperback book entitled "Catholic Book Summaries: 54 Traditional & Contemporary Classic." This is a library in one!

To view our book summaries currently available, please click here. Scroll down and click to see the dozens of summaries we offer. You may purchase our entire selection of summaries at a substantial discount or purchase individual summaries for only $5.95/each.