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Package 1: Adult Faith Formation Package


This Adult-Level Comprehensive Catholic Course teaches the doctrines of the Faith using six main bodies of knowledge. Whether you are a catechumen studying for RCIA or are a lifelong Catholic intent on learning the Deposit of Faith, this is our highly-recommended course of study offered at an outstanding discount.

This is one of our BEST SELLING COURSES. Full content of the program is listed below. The purchase price includes all reading materials except for Archbishop Fulton Sheen's "Life of Christ" book which we ask our students to order as a supplement.

Notice: Students who are pursuing a Certificate of Completion should also complete the required elective as stated further down this page. And such students should consult our page "Requirements for Certificate Programs.”

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By purchasing Adult Faith Formation Package as a package you save $207.74 versus the combined cost of the individual lessons!

CLICK HERE to see a list of the required electives from which you could choose.

Adult Faith Formation Package contains the following:

  • Welcome Lesson - Adult Faith Formation Program

  • Welcome Lesson - Adult Faith Formation Program

  • The Life of Christ and the Gospels

  • Life of Christ #1: Incarnation

  • Life of Christ #2: Visitation

  • Life of Christ #3: Nativity

  • Life of Christ #4: Presentation and Holy Family

  • Life of Christ #5: Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple

  • Life of Christ #6: Baptism of Jesus and John the Baptist

  • Life of Christ #7: Wedding at Cana

  • Life of Christ #8: Parables & Sermons of Jesus

  • Life of Christ #9: Proclamation of the Kingdom of God

  • Life of Christ #10: Transfiguration

  • Life of Christ #11: Institution of the Holy Eucharist

  • Life of Christ #12: Agony in the Garden

  • Life of Christ #13: Scourging at the Pillar (Flagellation of Christ)

  • Life of Christ #14: Crowning with Thorns

  • Life of Christ #15: Carrying the Cross

  • Life of Christ #16: Crucifixion and Death of Jesus Christ

  • Life of Christ #17: Resurrection  —  Easter

  • Life of Christ #18: Ascension of Christ

  • Life of Christ #19: Descent of the Holy Ghost at Pentecost

  • Life of Christ #20: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • Life of Christ #21: Mary: Queen of Heaven and Earth, Apparitions

  • The Sacraments

  • Sacraments #1: Grace  —  Actual and Sacramental

  • Sacraments #2: Matter & Form

  • Sacraments #3: Sacraments of Initiation

  • Sacraments #4: Baptism

  • Sacraments #5: Confirmation

  • Sacraments #6: Holy Eucharist

  • Sacraments #7: Confession

  • Sacraments #8: Holy Orders

  • Sacraments #9: Holy Matrimony

  • Sacraments #10: Extreme Unction (Anointing of the Sick)

  • The Holy Mass

  • Mass #1: Prayer

  • Mass #2: Liturgy

  • Mass #3: Word

  • Mass #4: Eucharist

  • Mass #5: Meal

  • Mass #6: Transubstantiation

  • Mass #7: Sacred Vessels

  • Mass #8: Vestments and Linens (In the Roman Rite of the Church)

  • Mass #9: Extraordinary Form of the Mass (Tridentine Mass)

  • Mass #10: Exposition (Eucharistic Adoration)

  • Mass #11: Benediction

  • Mass #12: Sacred Triduum Liturgies

  • Mass #13: Eastern Rite Catholicism

  • The Old Testaments

  • Old Testament #1: Adam & Eve

  • Old Testament #2: Noah & The Great Flood (i.e. Deluge)

  • Old Testament #3: Tower of Babel

  • Old Testament #4: Abraham and Isaac, Melchizadek, Covenant, Prefigurement

  • Old Testament #5: Jacob  —  Israel

  • Old Testament #6: Joseph  —  Famine

  • Old Testament #7: Moses, 10 Commandments, Plagues, Red Sea

  • Old Testament #8: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Samuel

  • Old Testament #9: Kings  —  Saul, David, Solomon

  • Old Testament #10: Wisdom Books  —  Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Sirach

  • Old Testament #11: Major Prophets  —  Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel

  • Old Testament #12: Minor Prophets

  • Old Testament #13: Maccabean Revolt; Conclusion of Old Testament Lessons

  • Creed

  • Creed #1: I Believe in God, Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth

  • Creed #2: I Believe in Jesus Christ, His Son, our Lord

  • Creed #3: Holy Trinity

  • Creed #4: Mary

  • Creed #5: He Suffered Under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and buried

  • Creed #6: He descended into Hell, on the third day He rose again, He ascended into Heaven.

  • Creed #7: He is seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty. He will come again to judge the living and the dead.

  • Creed #8: I Believe in the Holy Spirit

  • Creed #9: I believe in the Holy Catholic Church

  • Creed #10: The Communion of Saints

  • Creed #11: Forgiveness of Sins

  • Creed #12: Resurrection of the Body and Life Everlasting

  • Ten Commandments

  • Commandment #1: First Commandment

  • Commandment #2: Second Commandment

  • Commandment #3: Third Commandment

  • Commandment #4: Fourth Commandment

  • Commandment #5: Fifth Commandment

  • Commandment #6: Sixth Commandment

  • Commandment #7: Seventh Commandment

  • Commandment #8: Eighth Commandment

  • Commandment #9: Ninth Commandment

  • Commandment #10: Tenth Commandment

  • Conclusion Lesson - Adult Faith Formation Program

  • Conclusion Lesson - Adult Faith Formation Program

  • Add Electives:

    In addition to the above core course, we ask all of our students to enroll in one of the following electives. You may enroll in more than one; however, we do require you to take one of these to earn our completion certification.

    • Introduction to Religion

      This course examines the most important aspect of our lives – our religious faith. We discuss basic issues – why we need religion, the existence of God and why relativism is wrong. After looking at various religions, the student learns why the Catholic Church is the one true religion. There are chapters on why we need the Catholic Church, the use of philosophy and logic in understanding the authenticity of Catholicism, the Apostles’ Creed, the Bible and Tradition in the Church. Every chapter opens and ends with Catholic prayers and there are extensive quotations from the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Compendium and the Catechism of the Council of Trent. Every section includes beautiful pictures to illustrate the point of the text. This is a course for those looking for faith and for those who want to follow the Catholic religion more faithfully and enthusiastically.
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    • Prayer

      These lessons include the writings of saints and Doctors of the Church, Scripture, Catechism instruction and history. They include inspiring artwork and activities that will help uncover that treasure that is hidden in prayer. Not only does this investigation seek to help improve one’s prayer life, this study encourages the development of virtue and intercession on behalf of the entire world.
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    • Mariology

      Do you know how to explain the Church's teachings about Mary? When someone challenges you about "worshipping" her, do you know what to say? Do you know how to recognize an authentic apparition of our Blessed Mother from something that has been fabricated? These and more questions are answered in ten lessons on Mariology. Learn about Marian prayers, seven important apparitions, the history of Marian devotions, shrines dedicated to Our Lady, the Litany of Loretto, apologetics, the saints who were devoted to Mary and much more.
      $24.95 Click for More Details...

    • Moral Life

      How does God really want us to live our lives? What is true happiness? The playbook to live on earth is detailed by God in the Bible and church documents. When the points are stacked against us, will we continue to use the playbook to win the game? This introduction to moral life gives clear explanations of church documents including the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Identifiable and relatable examples are used to bring moral life teaching into everyday life.
      $24.95 Click for More Details...

    • Eschatology

      Eschatology is the study of the end of life, the end of time, and the Final Coming of Christ. In Eschatology, Christian Theology focuses primarily on the “Four Last Things” that comprise its study. They are Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell. In addition to these areas, we will explore as part of the five-part series on these topics, Purgatory, the place of temporary purification after death for souls that die in the state of grace (i.e. are destined for Heaven) but are no yet perfect and able to enter Heaven.
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    • Precepts of the Church

      Catholics are bound to observe the laws of the Church, in addition to the Ten Commandments. Many of these additional laws have been long established and observed by the Faithful for centuries. All together, the Deposit of Faith, that which a Catholic must believe in order to truly be a Catholic, requires Catholics to observe the Precepts of the Church. The Precepts of the Church are not all inclusive in terms of the rules for living a Catholic life. There are other laws that Catholics are bound to observe that are not listed in the Precepts of the Church. The Precepts of the Church are the six principal ones, that is, the six ones with which Catholics should ordinary be concerned, since they ordinarily occur in a person’s life. Through this course we will study the precepts in depth to understand the need for the precepts, what the precepts require of us, and why they are so important.
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    • Councils of the Catholic Church

      When you think of the Councils of the Church, you probably imagine a group of Cardinals and Bishops quietly discussing obtuse theological doctrines which have no practical implications. Perhaps a loud cough is heard once in a while but, on the whole, it is a staid affair. Actually, the Councils were anything but impractical or quiet. There were loud disagreements and accusations of heresy. You will read about wars, riots, murders and shipwrecks as well as anti-popes and the suppression of the Templars. The Council members cared deeply about the religious and social problems of their day, arguing for months, sometimes years, in order to find a solution. Each chapter of the book contains a discussion of why the Council was called and what happened at the Council, as well as Biblical references and prayers. You shall meet many saints (from Saint Francis to Saint Nick) as well as a few characters not so holy. Each Council has its own exciting story but each has a unifying theme in the Church’s unending mission to guide souls to God.
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    • Marriage Preparation Program

      Marriage in the Heart and the Mind of the Church is a series of reflections on the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony using the Church’s Liturgy and the wisdom of theologians and saints as a guide. Intended for couples preparing to receive the Sacrament, this guide prepares the couple for the Sacrament of Matrimony and the interior dispositions necessary for marriage. A must read for all couples and a great resource for parishes to use with couples! Those who purchase this online course will also be able to download a PDF of the book "Marriage in the Heart and Mind of the Church" as well.
      $14.95 Click for More Details...