Fundamentals of Christian Philosophy

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This course is a survey of Christian Philosophy. Even that first sentence might tempt you to ask a whole host of questions… good! Believe it or not, you are already acting like a philosopher. Let's clear the air. The biggest problem most people have with the study of philosophy is that it's not "practical" (so they say). 'I can't pay my bills with philosophy,' 'I can't support my family by studying Aristotle,' 'The world needs scientists, mathematicians, and engineers… not philosophers."

These are all examples of an attitude that has saturated in a culture obsessed with doing—obsessed with the practical, the useful, and the pragmatic. 'Thou savourest not the things that are of God but the things that are of men,' says Our Lord (Mt 16:23).

The truth is, even though philosophy does deal with the theoretical, it is also supremely practical. Do we not think that every person has a reason behind every single thing that they do? The teacher runs a classroom based on their philosophy of education, the doctor treats a patient based on their philosophy of healthcare, the CEO runs a company based on their philosophy of business, the husband and wife treat each other based on their philosophy of marriage.

Since Philosophy is a foundation for Theology, this course is intended for all adults who seriously want to form their minds as students disposed to receive Divine Knowledge.