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Our Second Grade Program offers 25 lessons: 15 lessons are directly on the Sacraments and the remaining are on related topics (Mass, Rosary, Breviary, etc).

2nd Grade is an essential age to study the Catholic Faith. With many children receiving the Sacraments around 2nd grade, now is a pivotal time to begin teaching children about the Faith in order to prepare for a life as a Catholic. This course will not only thoroughly form children on the Mass and the Sacraments, it will also systematically teach children the Basic prayers of the Rosary in both English and Latin. Students will have opportunities within the lessons to practice these prayers and to pray decades of the Rosary.

All CatechismClass Lessons follow our time-tested 7 Step format: Introduction, Opening Prayers, Scripture and Commentary, Catechism Passages, Integration of the Lesson Topic, an activity, and a closing prayer. Quizzes end each of the lessons. CatechismClass.com Programs never expires. Your purchase of this course will always be accessible in the future. And the program price also includes all online grading, quizzes, and activities at no additional cost.

2nd Grade Program contains all of these lessons:

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