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Price: $17.95

By purchasing Kindergarten you save $27.82 versus the combined cost of the individual lessons




Product Description

The Kindergarten Program includes 23 lessons on the basics of the Catholic Faith. Ideal for children to get the fundamentals of the Faith before beginning formal religious classes.

This course is intended to be used alongside a parent. Emphasis is placed on the beautiful artwork and the rich beauty of our Catholic Faith rather than on complicated Theology. More in-depth work begins in the 1st Grade Program. This Kindergarten course is meant to serve as a foundation for young children to learn some basics of our beautiful Faith and see beautiful religious art.

All CatechismClass Lessons follow our time-tested 7 Step format: Introduction, Opening Prayers, Scripture and Commentary, Catechism Passages, Integration of the Lesson Topic, an activity, and a closing prayer. Programs never expires. Your purchase of this course will always be accessible in the future.