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First Confession Capstone Lesson for Adults

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Product Description

The First Confession Capstone Lesson was written by Fr. James Zatalava, the founder of to finalize the Confession Preparation Program. As a stand alone lesson it does not qualify for a certificate. Want to receive a Certificate of Completion for studying for your Confession? Please use the step-by-step Course Selector to determine all of the requirements necessary for this program. This lesson is intended for both adults and young adults.

In this course, you will learn:
  1. The necessity of Confession for the forgiveness of sins in God's plan of salvation
  2. The essential elements required for a valid Confession
  3. The horror of what sin is and why we need forgiveness
  4. The how-to process for making your confession
  5. The benefits of living a life of grace with frequent confession
  6. And much more!