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Series 37: Prayer


These lessons include the writings of saints and Doctors of the Church, Scripture, Catechism instruction and history. They include inspiring artwork and activities that will help uncover that treasure that is hidden in prayer. Not only does this investigation seek to help improve one’s prayer life, this study encourages the development of virtue and intercession on behalf of the entire world.

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Prayer contains all of these lessons:

  • Prayer #1: Our Father
  • Prayer #2: Ways to Pray: Vocal Prayer, Mental Prayer, Lectio Divina and Contemplation
  • Prayer #3: ACTS (Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving, Supplication): Prayer as Action
  • Prayer #4: Eucharistic Prayer
  • Prayer #5: The Rosary and the Magnificat
  • Prayer #6: Teacher of Prayer: Saint Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises
  • Prayer #7: Teacher of Prayer: St. Francis de Sales and the Devout Life
  • Prayer #8: Teacher of Prayer: St. Teresa of Avila & the Carmelites
  • Prayer #9: Liturgy of the Hours & Third Orders of the Chuch
  • Prayer #10: Imitation of Christ

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