Online Children's Catholic Education Classes

Catholic CCD Curriculum programs are not simply an online PDF! We are proud to offer an intuitive, feature-rich experience that enables real-time notifications for DRE and catechists, automated grading, roster reports, and much more! Children's Program Highlights

What Do Children's Courses Include?

Accountability & Integrity

One of the founding hallmarks of our program as built by Fr. James Zatalava is that there is accountability built into all of our lessons. As your students take lessons, you will receive instantaneous quiz reports of their progress. You will see the questions, how well they did, the amount of time they spent on a lesson, and have the ability to issue retakes for quizzes that need them. In addition to these instant quizzes, you may at any time log in to run a roster report to see how your students are doing, their cumulative scores, the average time spent on lessons, etc to ensure that they are learning the materials.

Online education does not mean less of a quality religious education. Our lessons are some of the most complete and through ones ever produced. Our accountability features will empower you to ensure that your students are truly spend quality time on each and every lesson.

Prefer to not receive these test reports? That is fine. You can easily turn off this feature and use our programs as a home study program too.

How Can Be Right for Your Parish?