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Online Children's Catholic Education Classes

Catholic CCD Curriculum programs are not simply an online PDF! We are proud to offer an intuitive, feature-rich experience that enables real-time notifications for DRE and catechists, automated grading, roster reports, and much more! Children's Program Highlights For Parents or Parishes

What Do Children's Courses Include?

How Can Be Right for Your Family?

  • Supplement your child's religious education with our pioneering online children's Faith Formation Classes. We were founded in 2004 and have been innovative leaders in online Catholic classes. Our at home resources allow you to education your children with the fullness of the Catholic Faith and learn in the process too.
  • Play an active role (if desired) in your child's Catholic Formation.
  • Certificates of Completion Are issued for each grade course completed. We keep historical records of all grade reports for your convenience.
  • How Can Be Right for Your Parish?