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Online Children's Catholic Education Classes

CCD Program

Program Highlights

  • •  Used by parents at home as well as by parishes for children's faith formation.
  • •  Highly Affordable
  • •  Faithful to the Catholic Church's Magisterium
  • •  Flexible (Students learn online at their own pace)
  • •  Interactive program with beautiful artwork, music, interactive activities, and quizzes graded by
  • •  Accountable (Those studying under Parishes who have an account on the system will receive instantaneous quiz reports when their students take a quiz.)

How Can Be Right for Your Parish?

  • •  Supplemental Program to use with children needing online courses
    • •  Great for children with special needs (i.e., disabled children and children with learning disabilities) who are unable to attend weekly classes
    • •  Allows students to catch up for grade levels missed in past years
    • •  Children can work on the materials as supplemental to enhance what they are learning through a traditional textbook
  • •  Use as the main text for your religious education programs
    • •  Children complete their work online at home
    • •  Teachers have the ability to teach in the classroom using printed copies of the material or project the material on the screen
    • •  Teachers will receive materials and enhanced teacher resources free of charge