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Quinceañera Preparation Online

Quinceañera Prep

Why is it important to prepare for a quinceañera?

A quinceañera is both a wonderful cultural event as well as a religious milestone in a young woman's life. Preparing for this event includes reviewing the Faith, understanding its role in our life, and reflecting on understanding our vocation in life

What is included in's Quinceañera Preparation Class?

The online Quinceañera Preparation Program is designed to prepare girls for their Quinceañera. This program focuses on understanding the importance of the Quinceañera from a religious perspective, which ensures that the student understands the basics of the Catholic Faith before this life milestone. Focus is put on the Sacraments and the future responsibilities post-Quinceañera for the girl. Girls will study a refresher of the tenets of the Catholic Faith and the purpose of life, understand the importance of living a holy life as a young woman, and why the celebration of the quine años is so important in a young Catholic woman's life.

What is included in the lessons? How long does it take?

The Quinceañera Preparation Program is a series of 5 online lessons each designed to take approximately 30 minutes — 1 hour to complete. Each lessons combine prayers, Scripture passages, Catechism passages, and Church teaching as part of a holistic way to transmit the Faith. This is part of our unique 7 step format.

Are Certificates of Completion available on this cours?

Yes, those who complete the program may order a certificate of completion to present to their parish. Standard processing time is only 2 – 3 days after completing the lessons but we even have the option for expedited processing which will allow you to receive your certificate within 24 hours guaranteed!