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Parish Programs

Parish is the publisher of sacramental preparation, adult education, and children's education religious education courses. While we offer our programs to individuals and families, we also proudly serve many parishes. Our goal is to make your life easier by providing you with our programs.

Guarantee: Try for your parish and we guarantee that we will provide you with a curriculum at least 20% cheaper than your previous year religious education materials cost. produces a program that is:

  • * Faithful to the Catholic Church's Magisterium
  • * Flexible (Students learn online at their own pace)
  • * Interactive program with beautiful artwork, music, interactive activities, and quizzes graded by
  • * Accountable (DREs/Teachers will receive instantaneous quiz reports when their students take a test, ensuring that the students are learning)

How Can Be Right for Your Parish?

  • * Supplemental Program to use with children needing online courses
    • o Great for adults or children with special needs (i.e., disabled children and children with learning disabilities) who are unable to attend weekly classes
    • o Allows students to catch up for grade levels missed in past years
    • o Individuals can work on the materials as supplemental to enhance what they are learning through a traditional textbook
  • * Use as the main text for your religious education programs
    • o Children complete their work online at home
    • o Teachers / DREs / Pastors have the ability to teach in the classroom using printed copies of the material or project the material on the screen
    • o Teachers / DREs / Pastors will receive materials and enhanced teacher resources free of charge is pleased to offer special license agreements with parishes and free sample programs!

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