Certificate Program Requirements

Catechism Class Certificate Requirements



The mission of is to be the best education provider for Catholics in the world. In order to achieve our missionary goal (cf. Romans 10:14), is devoted to producing world-class materials in conformity with the Deposit of Faith. As our organization's goal is evangelization and catechesis, it bears a responsibility before Almighty God to ensure − to the best of our abilities − that all of our students have studied their materials adequately so as to learn and internalize the material. As such, has set for the following policy regarding passage of its programs.

In our history, less than 0.05% percent of students have failed to qualify for a certificate of completion after finishing their lessons. Our goal is to help all of our students pass and we will do everything in our power, so long as it does not violate this policy, to help our students earn their certificates of completion. Our primary goal is and will always remain to adequately prepare our students in the Catholic Faith.

Policy Overview requires students to complete all lessons with a score of at least 70%, unless otherwise noted. Students are able to, at the discretion of their parish, retake lessons until they pass the materials. Parishes also have the ability to set separate requirements for passage, which will accept in place of its stricter policies. Should a parish choose to offer different standards, a notification from the parish must be provided to for this purpose.

Students not studying with a parish that has its own passage policy in place on must follow the general Passage Policy which requires a 70% passage of all single lessons (except for all other exceptions noted in this policy).

Should a student fail to reach a 70% (or higher for a Sacramental lesson as indicated further down in this policy) on the initial attempt or answer incorrectly any fundamental question, the parent and/or student may contact who will allow a retake of the lessons needed.

Students and/or parents should only contact at the end of all lessons in their course of study and not after just completing a few individual lessons in the program. Retakes are granted only after all lessons in a program, including any electives, are taken.

Should the student fail on the 2nd attempt to reach the passing score of 70% (or higher for Sacramental preparation lessons), he/she will need to write a short explanation explaining why the correct answer is true. The written responses will be judged by and can substitute for the failing score. Should the essay fail to pass, the student could fail to receive a certificate of completion, unless a revised submission is sent in.

In addition to scoring a 70% on all lessons, requires certain questions in its programs to be answered correctly for a student to pass the program. Even if a student scores a 70% on all lessons but fails to correctly answer any of these questions deemed "fundamentally necessary for a Catholic," the student will need to retake the lesson. Should the student fail the question on a re-take, he/she will need to substitute a short write up to explaining the correct answer. This will substitute for the failing test, assuming the administration grants the essay a passing score. Such scores are subjective and the scoring of the essays may not be appealed.

Furthermore, in addition to requiring certain passing scores, our organization will additionally require that before a certificate is issued our students must adhere to all of the teachings of the Catholic Faith. Should a student manifest an anti-Catholic view and fail to repudiate such an error and conform to the Church's official teachings, such a student may not receive a certificate of completion.

Finally, as outlined in our Privacy Policy, we log the reading time of each of our lessons. This information is used by the administration to determine if a student has spent sufficient time on a lesson. As determined by the discretion of the administration, lessons with abnormally low reading times may result in failure of a course and failure to earn a certificate, even if all other requirements are meant. As a baseline, we expect a minimum of two minutes to be spent on all adult and children's lessons and a minimum of ten minutes spent on all Sacramental capstone lessons.

Who May Earn A Certificate

Assuming an individual meets the requirements of this policy, they qualify for a certificate. Certificates are by definition always only in one single user's name. As an educational institution, we are tasked with ensuring that all of our users abide by our terms of academic integrity and pass their programs properly to earn the desired certificates. Just as if you take a class at a university, a college, or a high school, the cost of attendance is per person. Consequently, all of our programs issue certificates only in the name of one individual person. We can include two names on the same certificate only if both individuals separately register for the course of study and take their tests separately. Each user whose name is on a Certificate of Completion must have taken the test individually and be individually registered on the website. There will be separate processing fees required to cover the administrative review and processing time for these dual name certificates.

Adult Faith Formation Program - Core Requirements

All lessons require a 70% to pass. The required courses are as follows:

  1. The Life of Christ
  2. The Articles of the Creed
  3. The Sacraments
  4. The Old Testament
  5. The Ten Commandments
  6. The Theology of the Mass

All lessons require a score of 70% or better; with no fundamental errors may have occurred. Fundamental questions are defined as those which contain doctrinal material and to which every Catholic must know, accept, and believe as a matter of course in the profession of the Faith. These questions have been predetermined by and are among the other quiz questions on any given quiz.

All lessons are reviewed at the same time when all lessons, including electives, are completed. At that time, the student asks for the Administrative Review.

In addition to the required courses, and the need for a minimum of one elective course, a comprehensive final exam will be administered at the conclusion of the program. The student must pass the final exam, which will primarily consist of questions that are already part of the required courses of the program. Students will have the ability to review the final exam when it is graded and must state their agreement with the Church's teachings in all aspects in order to pass the final part of the course. The final exam's passing score is 85% and the questions in it will have been overwhlemingly taken from previous quiz questions. The student will be well prepared for the exam if they have studied the material. As of 2021, no student has yet failed the final exam.

Adult Faith Formation Program - Elective Requirements

All lessons in an elective course require a 70% to pass. Students seeking a certificate of completion for the Adult Education program must take at least one elective from among the following, though taking more than one is allowed and commendable.

  1. Introduction to Religion
  2. Marriage Preparation Elective Program
  3. Mariology
  4. Moral Life
  5. The Precepts of the Church
  6. Understanding Catholic Prayer and Spirituality
  7. Eschatology
  8. The Councils of the Church
  9. Apologetics 101
  10. Fundamentals of Christian Philosophy
  11. Miracles of the Catholic Church
  12. Pneumatology

Young Adult RCIA Courses

All lessons require a score of 70% or better. All lessons are reviewed at the same time when the entire course is completed. At that time, the student's parent or legal guardian may ask for an Administrative Review and may take a retake of any questions that have not passed on the initial attempt.

Required Courses:

  1. Young Person's Study of the Apostles Creed
  2. Young Person's Study of the Church and the 7 Saraments
  3. Young Person's Study of the Commandments of God and the Church
  4. Young Person's Study of the Mass and the Sacraments
  5. Young Person's Guide to the Holy Scriptures
  6. Young Person's Guide to Morality

Youth Courses - First Grade through High School

All lessons require a score of 70% or better. All lessons are reviewed at the same time when the entire course is completed. The parish and/or the parent may initiate their students retakes using the retake buttons under the "My Students" menu.

Baptism Preparation Program for Parents or Godparents

  1. A 100% is required on the final test.
  2. If 100% is not attained on the first attempt at the Baptism Quiz, a remedial lesson may also be necessary, based on which particular questions a student answers incorrectly. Any remedial lessons must score 80% to pass.
  3. Following the completion of the remedial lessons, if the remedial lessons were required, a retake of the Baptism quiz may be granted. As stated, a 100% is required on the final test of the Baptism Quiz.
  4. Failing any quiz for a second time will require a written write up of the quiz questions and answers and a written explanation, which will be graded to substitute for a failing score. Upon a successful submission, another retake may be granted.

First Holy Communion, First Confession, Confirmation, Holy Matrimony, and Natural Family Planning Requirements

  1. At least a 90% is required on all quizzes in these courses of study.
  2. Students who fail to score 90% on the first attempt, will have one additional chance to retake the lesson and pass
  3. Failing a quiz for a second time will require a written write up of the quiz questions and answers and a explanation of the correct answer in th student's own words. This second chance write up will be graded to substitute for a failing score.
  4. To earn a Certificate of Completion in these Sacramental Courses, additional coursework may be needed as determined by the Course Selector.