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Catechism Class


Priest Founded, Vatican Supported

We began this initiative with priests, mothers, and experts working hand in hand to create a place for online religious education. We built this for parishes and people of all ages so that our entire community could prosper. Our goal is to provide a superior digital learning experience that fits into your life better than traditional formats and classes. When life gets busy, we want nothing to come between people achieving a complete Catholic education.

Our organization was founded by Fr. James Zatalava, a humble parish priest from Pennsylvania, to provide online religious education for his area in 2004. Based on the success of those programs, Father Zatalava created our website to reach any Catholics around the world. In 2006, Fr. Zatalava appeared on EWTN and since then our organization has continued to serve more and more people. We presently serve thousands of students each year in over 40 nations and are committed to our ministry of providing the best in online Roman Catholic religious education to all at an affordable price.

Vatican Supported: Our organization produces online self-study classes for Catholics that include various catechism passages, ecclesial documents, and encyclicals from the time of Pope Leo XIII to the present with the express, written permission of the Vatican.




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