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Founded in March 2004, we have led the charge to bring the highest quality education to Catholics of all ages. operates with the singular goal of being the best online Catholic catechesis program in the world.

We handle the planning, the material gathering, and much of the teaching. You have no more need for expensive book purchases and the evaluating and grading. All you have to do is login and you're ready to go! We don't require expensive books. Everything is done online.

As a result of our programs, it is my goal for parents, pastors and bishops to possess the capacity to educate the students in their care with the highest quality, most authentic catechetical product possible, with the ability to utilize it in the most convenient, state of the art, and fully accountable manner available.

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Bishop Robert Vasa,
Diocese of Santa Rosa, CA

Episcopal Advisor for


Archbishop Chaput,
Archdiocese of Philadelphia, PA

I promise prayers for the success of your apostolate.


Cardinal Dolan, Archdiocese of New York

Be assured that I will mention [Catechism] to those here in the archdiocese who work with me in this regard.


Archbishop Hughes,
Archdiocese of New Orleans



Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Patron of the Knights of Malta

I will be happy to remember in my prayers the intention of the work of


Bishop Baker, Bishop of the Diocese of Birmingham, AL




"You are really providing a valuable service... I sure hope this gets to be more widely known -- and used!"

Dr. Scott Hahn,
Prominent Theologian

"The entire program is given over the computer at the student's own pace. I've taken a look at the site, and it certainly looks to be a step up (a very big step up) from the CCD classes I took."

Karl Keating,
Founder of Catholic Answers

"Again, I must say that this is a monumental work that is very good. I strongly recommend it to everyone."

Rev. Carl Pieber, C.M,
Executive Director Central Association of the Miraculous Medal

"Its' materials are tailored for every age, from docile first graders to senior citizens seeking remedial instruction. And each pupil can work at his own pace as he falls in love with the ageless truth. Praise the Lord, is the real thing!."

Mrs. Donna Steichen,