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Pre Cana Preparation Program

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Product Description

This lesson is part of our Marriage Preparation Program for those looking to receive marriage or for married couples who are preparing to renew their vows, convalidate their marriage, or who are looking to better understand the sacramental reality of Holy Matrimony.

We will study how Holy Matrimony is a Sacrament, the Indissolubility of Marriage, the three blessings of Marriage, the Duties of Husbands and Wives, the Rite of Matrimony, how contraception is an attack on matrimony, and the importance of a Catholic wedding.

Practical guides will also be shared on conflict resolution, career choices, and handling finances as a couple. You will be asked to complete a worksheet on these topics and discuss them with your fiancé.

The course draws upon the writings of the Popes, the Catechism, the Scriptures, and the book "Marriage in the Heart and Mind of the Church" by Preston E. Wiggins.

It is recommended to spend 2 – 3 hours studying the material before attempting the quiz at the end of this lesson.

Personalized Mentoring and Correspondence with Certified Catechists Available.

Those who are looking to earn a Certificate in Marriage Preparation (Pre-Cana and Natural Family Planning) should enroll in the Marriage Preparation Program which contains this lesson on the Theology of Matrimony along with the required NFP life issues.