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Creed #13: The Church and the Modern World

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After having now explored the 12 articles of the Creed, we pause to reflect on these tenets of our Faith. While the Creed is a true testimony of what we believe, it is not all-inclusive. For example, just because the Creed does not mention infant Baptism, that does not mean we can deny the necessity for infant Baptism. The Creed is meant to be a concise summary of the Faith. It is not meant to teach every doctrine of Catholicism that we as Catholics must believe in order to hold true to the Faith.

In this lesson, we will study an overview of several errors that have crept into the Church and society over the past several generations all under the umbrella of modernism. We will explore the error of religious indifferentism; the reason why we as Catholics must reject the separation of Church and state; the falsity of Communism, Socialism, and Freemasonry; the error of subjectivism; and the pervasive error that dogmas may evolve over time.

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