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Baptism Classes


How Can I See A Sample Lesson?

As our lessons are all online, interactive lessons you may sample them by buying individual lessons if you'd like to try a few lessons before buying a course. On any course page (e.g. 1st grade), just scroll down to see all the lessons that are contained in the program. Each of those lessons may be purchased individually. So you may sample lessons for only a few dollars before buying a full course.

See 1st grade for instance. Scroll down to "Click Here for 1st Grade Program Lessons:" Click on that to see a list of all of the lessons in the grade. Click on any one. The next page will show you a description of that lesson and let you buy the lesson for only a few dollars.

The same is true for any of our adult level doctrinal courses as well as for any of our high school lessons. This is the best way to see a lesson as they are seen when actually studied by the student.

Sample Content on PDF

If you would like to see a sample of our content in PDF, you may also view the files below. These will give you a basic understanding of the unique 7-step format and content of our lessons. Keep in mind that the actual lessons will have audio elements, embedded videos, final quizzes, and other elements that can not be relicated in a PDF. These PDFs are just to provide a sample of the faithful Catholic content we produce: