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Expedited Certificate Processing Fee

Price: $15.00



Product Description

Our Expedited Processing Fee is an add-on above and beyond standard certificate processing. This fee is ONLY valid when also paired with a standard certificate processing charge.

Standard processing time for a PDF certificate is 2 - 3 business days, but it can vary based on the number of requests in line ahead of you. Business days do not include Sundays or Holy Days of Obligation. The expedited fee bypasses that wait.

This fee is for expediting the preparation and sending of the PDF certificate. The expedited certificate processing fee is an add-on fee that guarantees your certificate will be processed within no more than 24 hours (including even holidays and weekends) from when you order the fee and apply it to a certificate request.

We recommend the expedited fee for those who need their certificate emailed as soon as possible. Note that this is a processing and not a shipping fee.