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Miracles #10: Eucharistic Miracles

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This lesson is dedicated to some of the most studied and unexplainable miracles of all – Eucharistic Miracles.

As Catholics, we believe in transubstantiation where the bread and wine actually become the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ at Mass (i.e. The Holy Eucharist). After this has taken place the only thing remaining of the bread and wine is the accidents. This philosophical and theological term refers to the sight, taste, smell – those items which concern the senses. There, however, have been occasions where even the accidents have vanished and the Eucharistic Host has visibly changed into human flesh and blood, proving that at Mass, even though our senses deceive us, that the bread and wine actually become the Body and the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Several times through history the divinity of Christ in this Supreme Sacrament has shown through the bread and wine in rare but miraculous events. These Eucharistic miracles not only confirm the Real Presence but also that Jesus Christ remains with us. The Miracle of Lanciano, Italy (700s), Cascia, Italy (1300s), Turin, Italy (1453), and Sienna, Italy (1730) are just a few of these miraculous events. Others have occurred even within the past few decades. We will discuss these in this lesson.

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