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Online Catholic Confirmation Classes - With Certificates of Completion

Catholic Confirmation Classes


What is Catholic Confirmation?

Confirmation is one of the seven Sacraments instituted by Jesus Christ and continued in the Catholic Church, which He founded. The Sacrament of Confirmation confirms and completes the graces that a soul received in the Sacrament of Baptism. As the Roman Catechism teaches, “a baptized person, when anointed with the sacred chrism by the Bishop, with the accompanying solemn words… becomes stronger with the strength of a new power, and thus begins to be a perfect soldier of Christ.” Confirmation is not a mere “graduation” from religious education, as it is sadly often treated in our era. Rather, Confirmation makes a Catholic a soldier for Christ who is called upon to live, defend, and spread the Faith to others. No one is ever too old to be confirmed!

What Is Catholic Confirmation Class?

Confirmation Class is the series of classes that Catholics take before they may receive the Sacrament of Confirmation from the hands of a Catholic bishop or priest. Since Confirmation requies a Catholic to know and believe at least the foundamental truths of the Catholic Religion, someone studying for Confirmation must understand all foundational truths. There are encyclopedias worth of knowledge on the Catholic Faith. This level of knowledge though is not required for Confirmation. Having a basic grasp of the Catholic Faith and professing it in word and deed is required.

When Do Catholic Confirmation Classes Start?

Confirmation is typically administered around 8th grade or in some places 10th grade. But, there is a growing trend to more Conformation closer to Communion. In fact, in the Byzantine Catholic Tradition Baptism and Confirmation are received together and it is later on the child is able to receive First Holy Communion. Since 1995, only 12 Dioceses in the United States have moved Confirmation to the 2nd grade level. And adults who are coverting to the Catholic Faith receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at any age. It is never too late to receive God's grace!

How Long Are Catholic Confirmation Classes?

Catholic Confirmation classes typically last one year. Some places require a two-year preparation. Confirmation classes are often taken as part of a student's 8th grade Catholic education classes. There are Confirmation classes for all ages though - younger children, adolescents, and even adults. offers an flexible, online confirmation preparation course that can be completed at a student's own pace. Most students easily complete our course in just a few months since it is conveniently online and available 24/7. Our courses are still complete and faithfully Catholic. All students who complete our courses receive a certificate of completion

What Is Taught In Catholic Confirmation Class?

Catholic Classes explain the theological importance of Confirmation. Students learn about the role of the Holy Ghost in Confirmation, why Christ our Lord instituted Confirmation, what are the fruits and gifts of the Holy Ghost, and recap the Church's teachings on morality, divine relevation, Scriptures, the Church, and more. Confirmation students also learn about the Rite of Confirmation and their role in the ceremony, they learn about the importance of choosing a Confirmation name, and they choose a sponsor for their Confirmation. A Confirmation Catholic should know all of the Church's fundamental teachings and prayers. And anyone who is preparing for Confirmation must be a practicing and committed Catholic.

Can I Receive My Confirmation Online?

Only a validly ordained Catholic priest or bishop can administer the Sacraments. But, it is possible to study and fulfil the educational requirement for Confirmation online. We serve everyone (children, teens, and adults) through our courses. provides provide comprehensive and complete Sacramental preparation - the learning that must occur before a priest will allow someone to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. You will still need to have your local Catholic parish administer the Sacrament to you after completing an online preparation class.

Can I Study for Confirmation Online?

Yes! is a leading provider of online, self-study courses to help individuals (both adults and children) study for their Sacraments since 2004. After passing our affordable Sacramental Preparation Coursework, your account will be reviewed to ensure you have passed all required course materials. After review and successful completion of a course of study, students will receive a Certificate. This certificate can be presented to your priest and parish to show passage of our Confirmation preparation classes. Use the link below to find the particular program of study you need to earn our certificate of completion.