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Sacramental preparation offers four online Sacramental Preparation Courses: First Confession (or First Penance), First Communion (or First Eucharist), Confirmation, and Baptism. These programs are designed to be used as supplements to our package programs in our grade units. These modules are especially and solely written to prepare students for the Sacraments (but work well as stand alone components also).

The structure of each Sacramental Prep course is simple. The modules are separated into segments that can be tackled one at a time or several at a time. These programs allow for individualized pacing to provide children with a program tailored to his needs and your time. Each student will receive a complete understanding of the Sacrament and will be well prepared to receive that Sacrament upon completion of these courses.

Except for the Baptism Course, the other courses on this page generally need to be matched with the appropriate doctrinal courses to obtain our certificate of completion. Studying for your Confession, Confirmation, or First Holy Communion involves not only knowing the theology of that Sacrament (which these lessons will do) but you must also know what it means to be a Catholic in general. As a result, there are necessary doctrinal courses as well. Please feel free to contact us and we will advise you, based on your particular situation, if you need a doctrinal course and if so, which one you need to pass the program.

There is a comprehensive quiz at the end of each of these modules.

They may be purchased individuality or at a discount if all four are purchased at once.

First Confession

First Confession is a ten module program designed to teach students about the topics of sin, forgiveness, contrition, penance, examination of conscience, and avoiding sin. Prepares students for their first Confession and a lifetime of going to Confession. Explains the reasons for going to Confession and the important role of the priest. Obviously, this program will require maximal attention and involvement on the part of the parent.

First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion consists of thirteen modules designed to teach students about the Eucharist, the Consecration, Transubstantiation, the Sacrament of Holy Orders, the Mass, Preparing to receive the Eucharist, their first Holy Communion, and the many beautiful spiritual dimensions of the Blessed Sacrament. Parental guidance is highly encouraged.


Confirmation envelopes ten modules designed to teach students about the Sacrament of Confirmation. Topics such as the role of the Holy Spirit, the Sacraments of Initiation, Baptism, Historical notes, key facts for every Confirmed Catholic, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, helpful hints for parents, the Confirmation Ceremony, participation in the Church as a Confirmed Catholic, incorporating the Sacraments into daily life, and of course relevant Catechism references are thoroughly covered in this program designed for students ages 12 and up. This program requires a minimum hands-on involvement on the part of the parent or sponsor.


Baptism is a lesson program to prepare both adults for baptism, and parents and godparents of infants or children to be baptized. This is must-have series for any inquisitive minds wishing to learn more about baptism or prepare themselves to receive the sacrament.

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