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CATECHISMCLASS.COM & CATHOLIC DISTANCE UNIVERSITY has established a partnership with Catholic Distance University (CDU), opening doors to further your education at the continuing education, undergraduate, or graduate level.

Continuing Education: By completing the Adult Faith Formation Program (AFFP), you have also fulfilled some of the requirements for CDU's Basic Certificate in Catechesis or Advanced Certificate in Catechesis. CDU is willing to give you credit for the four courses on the Catechism that are required courses towards these certificates. Please take advantage of this excellent opportunity to obtain either your Basic or Advanced Certificate in Catechesis from CDU — you only need to apply for the program and then complete a few additional courses. Contact Kathleen Wooddell at for more information.

Undergraduate: For those interested in CDU's Associate�s Degree, the required course, THEO 101, will be waived for those who have the AFFP certificate. Likewise, for those interested in CDU's BA completion degree, the required course THEO 301 will be waived. For more information on either of these undergraduate programs, contact Kathleen Wooddell at

Graduate: Additionally, the CDU Graduate Dean is willing to consider waiving the prerequisite course on a student-by-student basis for those interested in pursuing an MA in Theology or a graduate certificate in Sacred Scripture. To learn more about the graduate programs, please contact Theresa Snider at

After you complete the Adult Faith Formation Program through, you are eligible to take advantage of these opportunities.