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Lesson 355: 6th Grade: Lesson 25: Life of Christ: Resurrection

In this 6th Grade lesson, we study the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ

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Preview of Lesson 355: 6th Grade: Lesson 25: Life of Christ: Resurrection

On Easter Sunday, after spending time doing penance and making sacrifices during Lent, we shout: Alleluia! He is Risen! He is Truly Risen!

Easter changed the world. People were no longer cut off from God, without the chance of heaven. When Jesus rose from the dead, the gates of Heaven flew open and all the holy souls of the Old Testament encountered God, face to face.

Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we have the chance to meet God face to face someday. Can you imagine seeing God face to face? This is called the Beatific Vision. It will be the best homecoming imaginable. Easter gives us that chance—everything changes for us when we realize how important Easter is, accept the love of God, participate in the Sacraments, and live with hope of that joyous meeting with God in Heaven.


In the Gospel, we find Mary Magdalene weeping in front of the empty tomb. What a sight! For a moment, think about all the followers of Jesus after He died and was buried. Even though the disciples loved Jesus and believed that He was the Messiah, it was a probably very difficult for them after He died. They might not have understood that Jesus was going to rise from the dead, and after a day had passed, they would have been scared, confused, and a little bit lonely. Then, the tomb was empty! They could not even visit the body of their beloved Teacher.

So, St. Mary Magdalene sat alone, scared, and confused at the empty tomb. She wept. She was weeping, not crying—weeping. Have you ever wept? It’s more than regular crying, because it comes from this sadness inside of you that doesn’t let you see how anything will ever be okay again. That’s probably how St. Mary Magdalene felt—empty, and not quite understanding how anything could ever be the same again.

Then, out of nowhere, two angels appeared. She told them that the Body of the Lord is missing. It that instant, she turned around, and Jesus was there! How Mary’s sadness must have turned to joy! He is Risen! Alleluia!

We continue to read about how the disciples dealt with the death of Jesus. In the Gospel of St. Luke, we hear about two disciples of Jesus who were walking and talking about Jesus’ death. This story takes place on the road to a town called Emmaus.

Just like Jesus appeared to St. Mary Magdalene at the tomb, He appeared to the disciples walking along the road to Emmaus.

What did the disciples tell Jesus? The disciples told Jesus all about what happe... for more, please purchase this lesson.

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